Returning Late & Fines

If a user returns library materials late, the following penalties apply:

  • The user cannot borrow any material from the library before returning the borrowed material, even if it is late for one day, because the library system functions in the way.
  • A fine is imposed on the user two days after the due date of returning the material in accordance with categories of users, as shown in (table 2).
  • If a library item gets partially or entirely lost or damaged and a replacement cannot be made, then the borrower pays double the cost of the item at the current exchange rate, without counting the fines for any overdue if existed.
  • If the book is of the rare books or gifted books, then the borrower must pay the amount that is determined by the supply department, in light of the price of the missing or damaged material and its rarity in the market after securing the approval of the director of the library. The borrower must pay the fine for overdue time as well.