The Electronic Library has a wide range of electronic sources in both Arabic and English. These include books, periodicals, theses and dissertations, conference proceedings etc. The Library has subscribed in a number of databases that give full texts in order to cope with the modern development in science and technology which will facilitate research and obtaining information and make use of the internet for learning and study.

As electronic sources are important, the upper floor of the Library was allocated for the Electronic Library. It contains the following:


  • 40 Computers for searching in the electronic resources.
  • An interactive board for presentations during workshops of electronic sources and for other classes.
  • Tables and seats for 40 users.
  • A wireless network which facilitates search in different parts of the Library and in the Internet.


  • Following up all updates in the field of electronic databases.
  • Subscribing in the electronic databases that the University requires.
  • Providing such databases through the Library website.
  • Propagating the electronic sources through the University community by conducting workshops, advertising and sending alerts and by giving training to the individuals in their own offices.


  • Supporting the learning process with the best available modern and versatile sources.
  • Helping users to have access to different sources he or she needs within or outside the University.
  • Giving the chance to more than one user to have access to the same source at the same time.
  • Ease in using and retrieving information of one specific subject.
  • Speed in retrieving information, since all information sources like texts, indices and documents become in an electronic form which users can retrieve easily.
  • It is an attempt to cope with modern thought and making it within a reach of users.