The library reserves books and other materials related to the courses, based on the request of a faculty member or because of the heavy demand for that material and they will be placed on a shelf in the circulation section and will be used only for copying or using inside the library in the following ways:

  • The Load Department may reserve a certain material when there is a need for that.
  • A faculty member may request a book or more to be placed on reserve for the use of the students inside the library. But he/she should fill a special form for this service available on the library's website.
  • The loan officer activates the reserved materials in the library system.
  • A reserved book may be checked out inside the library for a period not exceeding two hours or as long as the Loan Officer may deem necessary.
  • The Loan Officer may lend some copies of books reserved (loan for the night) before the end of the official working hour of the library to be returned the morning of the next business day before nine o'clock in the morning

Reserving Borrowed Material

All users can reserve library material already borrowed by other users and a note will be sent to the person in question when the material is returned. A special form for that must be filled by the person requesting the material.