The Dhofar university library is a main pillars of educational process in the university. The university library is called Sheikh Mustheel bin Ahmed bin Ali AlMashani’s library. The library was established in 2004 and moved to its new building in 2010. The library offers information services from various sources, such as books, references, periodicals and other electronic sources. The current printed sources collection consists over (34,000) thirty-Four thousands of books and references, as well as more than (411,000) two hundred and fifty thousand of electronic books, and more than (63,000) sixty-three thousands of e-journals, e-magazines and conferences papers, as well as (125,000) one hundred and twenty five of electronic university theses. The library offers counseling, lending and reserving services for all patrons.

The library is located in a separate building consists of three floors with a total area of 4000 square meters equipped with a lift. The Library working hours are from 7:30 am to 8:00 pm from Sunday to Thursday excluding official holiday. The library occupies strategic place mediates university faculties and university administration. The building divided between reading rooms, computer labs and special shelves for books, references, periodicals, etc. and also an administrative departments specialized in technical operations and serve the library users.

The library uses electronic systems to computerized their holdings and library management (Virtua and RFID) systems. The library used Library of Congress Classification system, MARC 21 system and Anglo American Cataloguing Rules for organizing the library sources which allows student to search for books through the e-library site on the internet. The computers distributed among the library floors, in addition one computer lab for male students with 25 computers and two computer labs for female students with 65 computers for search in the internet and a computer lab with 40 computers in the electronic library for searching in electronic resources eg. (Books, journals, electronic theses).

The library seeks to provide appropriate environment with a rich information to serve beneficiary community in all majors of scientific, literary and research according to the university programs. The library works on rehabilitation and training of the library staff to employ professional methods and modern technology in the processing and delivery of information services to the library users. The library established relationships with other university libraries, information and cultural institutions for inter-library loan purposes and sharing different information sources. The library offers its services through five departments with specific tasks as follows: Acquisition department, Circulation Department, Reference Department, Cataloging and Classification Department, periodicals and e-Library.

The community that benefits from the library

  • Students of different academic levels and specializations.
  • Teaching staff of the university.
  • Researchers of different areas and subjects.
  • The administrative staff and other employees of the university.
  • Member of the local community.